You can have it all.
The money, the happiness, joy, the sex and the deep-down fulfilment. Let me show you how.

The world has changed & so have our problems!

A couple hundred years ago, it may have made sense to live entirely in your feminine, take care of the kids and look after the house.

But in today’s world, women are doing it all. They’ve taken up the mantle at work, they are raising children, tending to the home, trying to take care of their health, their friends, their relationship, their own mental health, personal development – and they feel guilty if they’re not perfect at all of them!

This pressure often places women in a position where success, especially in business or their career, has meant tapping into their masculine, on a consistent basis.

This is all fine and well, but decisions come with a cost.

That cost may be your sex life, your level of personal fulfilment, your health, the relationship with your man, your children, your peers and your girlfriends.

  • You might have found that your entire life has become work and success.
  • You may even enjoy the workplace more than you enjoy coming home or going out for a ladies night.
  • You may, heaven forbid, no longer even look forward to having those intimate moments with your lover, which you lusted for so much when you were younger.

What’s worse is that you’ve probably even tried some sort of “feminine embodiment” course, or read a book about it, but in the end felt like you’d have to trade who you’ve become today for an unknown version of yourself in the future.

You’re probably afraid that if you give up these masculine attributes, you’ll become some an outdated 50’s housewife that isn’t true to who you are

Trust me I know.

I’ve not only been there myself, but I’ve worked with hundreds of women from around the world in both my clinical and coaching practices.

But there IS still a solution!

Cultivating one part of you does not necessarily mean you have to give up another part of you.

In fact, what makes you as a woman so special, is that YOU are multi-faceted.

  • You have a center of energetic gravity, which you must come to sense more deeply, and

You also have the capacity to switch on and off the various colors of your persona in such a way that you can both conquer your career AND flourish in your feminine.

I’ve done this in my own life.

I was the classic early 20yr old who got her Psychology Degree, after a long, arduous period of study. I graduated, and then went to work in a high position in the Government. I was making great money, I bought a car, an apartment (both rare in the very poor country I grew up in) but slowly by slowly, I lost my sense of self.

By my mid 20s, I had all the material comforts, but I was deeply unhappy. I felt something was off.

2 relationships and some significant life circumstances helped change the course of my life and taught me lessons that I will impart on you.

Today, I am happily married, have been traveling the world, I run an online practice which helps women from around the world unlock their deeper potential and I am my most feminine, healthy and glowing self.

It all starts with Finding your Feminine

Even though you have the ability to switch from your masculine to feminine, a lot of women struggle to actually DO it effectively, leaving them in sexless marriages and at a loss on how to fix it.

The conditions of our lives and the world around us force us to adapt, maneuver, react and in the process, we lose ourselves.

We begin to wear mask upon mask upon mask upon mask. We learn habits which might be useful in the short term, but detrimental to our mental and emotional health in the long term.

These ones are especially hard to pin down and require a lot of courage, honesty and help to move on from. We are conditioned by society to behave in a certain way, and we are filled with shame about the desires we bury deep within us.

All of this confuses and distances us from our essence.

By Finding your Feminine, you will:

    1. Feel DESIRED by your partner
    2. Feel a desire to have incredible sex again (and more often)
    3. Understand the concept of the Anima (as Jung called it), and learn to use it to balance your masculine & feminine in your work and home life
    4. Reconnect to your feminine center and be able to channel this power toward greater fulfillment
    5. Be more aligned with your purpose in life as a woman.
    6. Know how to switch from your masculine back into your feminine, and vice versa as & when you need it.
    7. Enhance the polarity with your partner and reawaken the spark that may have gone missing.
    8. Feel more authentic because you will have removed all of the masks

And much more!

A little about Me

There are great coaches all over the world, but few who have done the work as a vocation, had the clinical experience with people from different cultures in countries all over the world, and who have applied it in their own lives.

I’ve wanted to move in this direction for many years, but I had to walk the walk first.

I had to take everything I’d learnt, synthesize it and embody it in myself.

Now, here I am.

Ready to share it with you.

Ready to help you add color and femininity back into your life, and reignite the spark. Ready to save you years of precious time – the one thing you can never get back.

My name is Paloma (yes, like the Dove), but my friends call me “Moma”.

I graduated as a psychologist and got my masters in Couples & Sex Therapy. I’ve spent the better part of a decade helping women around the world better their sexual, emotional, professional and spiritual lives.

Now I want to help you.

WHY this program is different.

Some recent feedback

Gaby Vivas worked with me earlier this year, and this is what she had to say.

Gaby Vivas worked with me earlier this year, and this is what she had to say:

      Having work with Paloma gave me the satisfaction of feeling safe and understanding my energy on this earth. I now give a greater level of importance to my sexual pleasure and to my feminine energy.

          To understand that is okay be like this. To understand my feelings and emotions and that sexuality is important for any kind of field that you are and how you project that with your future partner. I feel ready for an intimate and tantric relationship, not before for the deep wounds from my past relationship. the way how Moma helped me to feel more present was a big plus.

      I really enjoyed having this process with Moma and that she made me understand she was always present in my life was truly admirable. Thank you Paloma for always being there for me and for letting me understand the beauty of life and for being my coach in this moment of my life.


This is a program unlike anything else you’ve ever done. It will include:

The VIP Upgrade

Everything listed in the course above, PLUS:

1 Private call per month (valued at $1200)

Mon - Fri Private Messaging. like having me in your back pocket.
(valued at $1200)

The Modules

A sneak peak at what you will learn and embody over the coming six months.

Through a series of exercises, we will identify your relationship dynamics, your biggest fears, your struggles, your pain points and how these are all impacting your life.

By the end of this module, we will have clarity on what is keeping you from having the the kind of success you desire in your relationships, sexual life and level of fulfilment.

This is where the education really begins. You will learn important concepts about the feminine, the masculine and their interplay, which is also known as “polarity”.

By the end of this module, you will have a thorough understanding of what polarity means, how it influences your relationships and your behavior, and what energies you’re drawing upon or showing up with, in different contexts and environments.

We take the concepts we learned in Module 2, and relate it back to you and your younger self. Here we begin to do the deep work. This module will take courage, but it will be liberating; beyond what you can imagine.

In this module, you will uncover traumas, wounds and scars and heal them by giving them new meaning through a series of powerful embodiment and psychological exercises.

We now build on both the healing of Module 3, and the concepts we learned in Module 2. We will spend time learning about and relating to our love languages, sex-drive types, and discovering our center-of-energetic-gravity.

By the end of this module, you will have removed decades of “energetic masks” that are getting in the way of your essence and your deeper source of energy. With that, you will feel a surge of sexual energy flowing through you which you can channel into other parts of your life, not to mention greater polarity with your partner. This is where things get spicy 😉

Ok. So we’ve learned all of this. We’ve integrated it. We’ve healed. We have this newfound energy. Now – you have to learn the art of communicating from your center and communicating your truest sexual desires with your partner.

By the end of this module, you will literally begin to ‘speak differently’. A more authentic, powerful, integrated voice will emerge from inside you, that people from all areas of your life will be drawn to. You will find your partner, your friends and everyone around you, begins to tell you “you’re glowing”.

More practical in this Module – but this time, we’re working with the body. There is intellectual understanding, emotional understanding, and then the deepest kind; kinesthetic understanding. I will teach your exercises and rituals for your daily life that will help you truly embody your feminine essence.

In this module, you will learn to truly switch back into your feminine at will. Everything we’ve learned and done so far brings us to this point. Beyond just speaking differently, you will act from a place of greater authenticity. It will be in your walk.

So now we’ve transformed you. We’ve found the center, we know how to switch at will, when needed. You’re walking and talking with newfound vigor, desire and authenticity. Now we need to channel this power. We need to direct in such a way that it drives and enhances the other areas of your life.

This stage is tricky for many people. They get stuck in a single mode, so we will focus on making sure this feminine energy can be channeled into all of your pursuits,. This is where even things like “work” turn into a “divine play”. By the end of this module, your entire world will begin to align with your feminine essence.

Finances can be very masculine, but some elements are feminine. And this can get confusing. In this module, I will not only teach you how to switch and lean into either your masculine or feminine in different contexts, but more importantly, *how to know when* to use each.

By the end of this module, you will have a deeper understanding of how to apply everything we’ve learned, when to switch, and you will find something very few people find: Balance. But not the kind of “dead balance” where everything is average. The kind of balance that comes from knowing when to *flow* into and out of each energetic-essence.

We close out this incredible program by establishing or solidifying the vision for your sex, financial and professional life. We will do a series of exercises to integrate the entire program and bring it all to the one home that really matters; your heart & soul.

By the end of this module, and thus this program, you will have reached a place few women in the modern world ever have: An authentic, integrated career and love life, in which you experience the heights of success and the depths of true fulfillment. It will be a journey you will remember for the rest of your incredible life!

It’s time to unleash your feminine power!

In Finding your Feminine, you will rediscover your energetic center and learn tools that will help you:

  • Heal your wounded feminine and lingering traumas
  • Learn to switch between the colors of your Anima. Move into the masculine when it counts, come back to your feminine when you need to, and learn how to travel in between.
  • Enhance your career by sourcing vitality from your energetic center (not in a woo-woo way, but in a real, recharged way)
  • Revitalize your relationships, with your girlfriends, your children and your man
  • Reignite your sex life and honestly….have the most epic sex of your life!


This work is deeply psychological, spiritual and in fact, feminine in nature.

This is a large part of why I’ve been called to do it. It’s not just my vocation, but exploring and reconnecting is a deep part of my feminine core.

Here’s what other women who've worked with me have to say:

I feel that she is a being of light and I can definitely trust her. She gave me a great opportunity to find myself and to see that at the age I am, it is a process of self-discovery, of wounds from childhood to the present day. However, when the mind is not present, it affects your self-esteem and you can unconsiously reject the beautiful act of sex.
After my time working with Moma I see intimacy as a powerful and megical and now I know with whom I want to exchange this kinda energy, now more than ever I am aware of this energetic exchange and thanks to her, she helped me to understand this.
Gaby Vivas
I decided to enroll in Moma's program because I was dealing with some bad sexual traumas from my younger years. At first I thought this situation would be just a stage but with time it got worst.

Her program, the assignations and the calls really helped me. I began to fell better immediately and the change lasted. My partner could appreciate the transformation in me. In his own words: now you are more open to experiment and motivated to learn more about yourself and your intimacy.

Thanks to Moma now I know what I like and what I don't. Sometimes is not enough to talk to friends or family if you don't know who you are. Her program actually helps you to get to know yourself better.
Catherine Fermin.
I really liked how Moma condensed the information so that it was not too overwhelming and it gave me the direction that I needed to work on positive change. Moma was so easy and fun to talk to, that it felt like talking to a close friend rather than a therapist. I appreciated how open-minded she is and how she cheered me on and always displayed so much positivity and a willingness to help. I would have to add that if I had a question, Moma's advice was especially helpful because it was very direct and showed how knowledgeable she was in her area of expertise.
Jennifer Friend


Find Your Feminine


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Frequently Asked Questions

This agreement has no cancellation policy. WHY? Because this is about commitment, dedication and action. I show up with 100% commitment and it is up to you to take action to get the results. Often we have backdoors in other courses and areas of our lives which means that fear allows us to not stand in our power and take action, and as a result we don’t get the value we want. If we have security blankets, we too often use them which is why we don’t see results. If you have in the back of your mind that a refund is available, chances are you won’t put in your full effort.
Yes! This will help you with dating, feeling more confident in being a successful woman that WANTS to be in her feminine, and it’ll help you when you do get into that sexy relationship.
Men can join for one-on-ones in the VIP Upgrade. Otherwise I really want to focus on women here because we have different needs, a different psychology and a different temperament. Especially when it comes to groups. So by all means, if you want your man involved (it’s very helpful) make sure you grab the VIP upgrade (especially during the early bird discount) and get him involved with us directly.

Well, I’ve been having sex all my life and I’m an expert…

Naah… just kidding

I am a certified psychologist with a master’s degree in human sexuality and couple therapy.

Those are my credentials, but what has more value (to my mind) is the fact that I myself have struggled with losing touch with my feminine, being in my masculine & libido incompatibility in the past.

In this program I’ll  share with you the structure, the mindset shift that I implemented in myself and my clients… and it WORKS!

My approach is both grounded and spiritual. I use a blend of science-based and soul-centered techniques to not only guide you but to help you awaken your own inner guidance.

Being a 6mth intensive, I will only be doing this ONCE per year. There is a small chance that I do a second intake for 2023, but that will depend on what other courses and classes I roll out.

Here’s a little more of what other women have to say:


          Paloma is so amazing, is so kind, and have great energy and shes very understanding, she didnt judge me at all, I could talk to her about literally anything. With her program I was able to get to learn so much about myself and my partner, about communication, about my body, about energy and how it impacts your sexuality. I am very thankful for her and for the classes. I highly highly recommended her.

      I never understood what polarity was or why it was important. Learning about this and coming into my feminine completely transformed the relationship I had with my partner. They way we speak, the way we act, the way we make love - they’ve all changed for the better

The next steps are simple.

1. Enroll

        Enroll and add the VIP experience if it calls to you

2. Welcome

        You’ll get a welcome email from me with more specific dates

3. Kicks off

        January, 2023
  1. The program kicks off
  2. The group communication line will open up
  3. VIP clients will be able to book their first one on one call with me

Success without fulfillment and happiness is just another form of failure.

In their bid to succeed, many women have lost touch with their feminine essence.

It’s time to reclaim this, and use it to succeed in life without becoming empty.

I will take you on a journey to rediscover your feminine center of gravity, without giving up the qualities that made you successful in the first place.

  • Six (6) month mastery program
  • 2 group calls per month
  • 9 video modules
  • A community of like-minded & like-valued women
  • Monday-Friday support & guidance through an exclusive group chat
  • Full workbook and course material

ONLY $1997

  • Reconnecting to your Feminine Essence
  • Creating true polarity with your man
  • Healing your traumas and your relationships
  • Enhancing your work & personal life balance
  • Having the best sex of your life
  • Know how to use and switch between masculine & feminine for the rest of your life…


Offer ENDS once the 10th spot is sold, or 3rd Dec, whichever comes first.

Find Your Feminine

Six Months Duration
$ 1997
  • Pay in Full: $1997.00
  • Payment Plan: $369 per month


Here are more testimonials from other women I’ve worked with…

And you can see the difference its made